Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Matters of the Heart

So as I watched the season finale of The Bachelor last night I was thinking about my life... And no, I have no clue why I'd ever let a 'reality' TV show influence my thoughts on life... but there I was letting it influence me away... LOL!

It made me wonder... Do we ignore our hearts too much in life and try to use our head too often? What is it about how we grow up, the relationships we experience, the lives we live that make us what we are... who we are... that influence our choice on that special person we choose to experience life with? And how many of us would be willing to admit it if we did choose the wrong person, for all the wrong reasons?

I think life opens doors for us... allows us to make our own choices and then allows us to reap the benefits or the regrets of those choices. But if we're willing to do as Jason did, admit we're wrong, face our fears and keep our feet moving foward... we might find that some choices can be corrected, wrongs can be made right, unhappiness can become happiness and uncertainty can become certain again.

Everyone needs love. Everyone deserves love. Its how we love and how we allow ourselves to be loved in the end that gets us through the curve balls life throws at us. Its our choice to follow our head or our heart... I choose my heart. ;)

BTW... HE CHOSE THE WRONG RING!!!!!! Don't get me wrong... BEAUTIFUL ring... but the first one they showed... OMG... why didn't he pick that one! If I could find a pic of it... I'd post it...

Song of the day:
Sara Bareilles : 'Come Round Soon'


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So for the first time in oh... 3 years I decided to actually do something with this blog... So I changed the web address, the name, the owner... hmmm, what else can I change... maybe a previous post delete... ;) ;)

Its a new day, time for a revamp of the ole blogspot site (not to mention my life--more to come on that in future posts)... so I'll try to actually post something this time around and maybe you'll learn a little something about me... or better yet, I'll learn a little something about myself.

So for today... remember... "without tears the soul can have no rainbows".

(I'll do my best to always end my blog with a pointless 'remember' and maybe even a song reference... Because I'm just that cool! LOL!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baby Braelyn

My brother and sisters' new baby... Braelyn Marie Sparks... :) Born on our wedding day.

March 18, 2006 at 6:23am